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Is Clutter Impacting My Well-Being?

Are you feeling tired and lethargic? Maybe your home does too. The connection between clutter, the untidy collection of items in the home, and well-being is not often something we give much attention to. Clutter did not exist thousands of years ago and has certainly become a challenge of our modern times.

The connection we have to our home is found in many cultures; for example, the Vastu shastra of the Hindu tradition and Feng shui originating from China. The primary purpose of these ancient architectural practices is to harmonize the energy of spaces, such as in the home, with the energy of the earth. Within these traditions it is thought that every object and space has an energy. The better quality of energy, the healthier and more vibrant something becomes. So, when you surround yourself with good energy in the home, you too will feel good.


Do you love your home? Do you love how it feels? Do you love every part of your home? As one begins to experience this, one too will begin to love every aspect of their life.

By moving or changing something in the home, you are shifting the energy and this will be mirrored in life. Some changes will be evident immediately, while others will unfold gradually. By releasing and letting go of items, it is giving space for something new to emerge. As we become more intentional about the energy in our homes, we will also likely become more thoughtful consumers, minimizing unnecessary waste, decreasing consumption of material items, and ultimately reducing our footprint on the planet.


What are Some Ways to Declutter Physical Items?

1. Get Rid of ‘Just in Case’ Items

These are any items kept in case a specific condition occurs. An example is when someone keeps larger sized clothing ‘just in case’ they return to that weight again. This speaks to the larger message of trust. This is sending a message of a lack of trust in the future and in one’s self. In this case the ability to maintain a particular weight. Another example is holding on to items with the hope that we may one day pick up that hobby or long held interest, such as painting. When we do not, this sends a negative message to the brain, such as being a failure. These are subtle yet powerful messages. In addition, holding on to such items often leads to jam-packed garages and the need for storage units. Begin to ask the question if you really need the item or are you holding on to it for other reasons? As you clear these ‘just in case’ items from the home, you may also notice a sense of decreased worry and procrastination in life.


2. Clear Out Photos

Clearing out old photographs will shift the energy of relationships. Photos carry a vast amount of emotional energy from the past. It’s important to remember the past though not to be attached to it. Let go of those photos associated with negative memories. Keep photos that are of positive moments and people. Be thoughtful and deliberate of the pictures you are keeping. This process will create the space for meeting new people and for making new memories.


3. Get Rid of Unwanted Items and Gifts

The idea is to love every item in the home. Displaying an unwanted item is a daily reminder of what it represents. When we stuff unwanted items in the closet or drawer, this is akin to stuffing guilt. These items can be sold or donated. Ultimately, we want items in the home that enhance our daily life. This process may trigger a deep-seated emotion of guilt. For example, one may feel guilt for wasting money so may hold onto a particular item. In the same breadth, releasing these items can be liberating from such emotions and creates the opportunity for transformation.


4. Get Rid of Unfinished Projects

Unfinished projects can be a toxic reminder of what we have not accomplished. This sends a negative message to the brain every time we see it. Prioritize completing the project or schedule a time to remove it. This helps us to respect and accept who we are here and now, which can be empowering.


5. Return Items Not Used Within 2 weeks

Adopt the principle of returning items not used within 2 weeks. This could be clothing, appliances, digital accessories, or other household items. If something is not used within 2 weeks of purchase it will likely become an item of clutter in time.


The idea is, the better your home feels, the better you will feel. The better you feel, the better your life will feel. This is the beauty of the traditions of Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra. The positive changes made in the home will be reflected in your life. What is one step you can take to improve the quality of the energy in your home?

“'If you want to change your life, move 27 things in your home”

Chinese proverb


Interested in learning more ways in which your home may impact your health? Please contact the office at 813-644-9384 or email at for more information or to schedule an appointment. Reshma Patel, M.D. is Board certified in both Internal Medicine and Integrative Medicine practicing in the Tampa Bay area in Florida. She is passionate about using nutrition, mind-body approaches and lifestyle choices to restore balance to the body.



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