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“Take care of your body. 

It's the only place you have to live.” 

Jim Rohn

Reshma Patel M.D.

is a Board certified physician specializing in Integrative & Functional Medicine. She is a Fellow of Dr. Andrew Weil’s Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine and has served the communities of Tampa and St. Petersburg since 2013. ​

A modern twist...

Dr. Patel provides in-depth and comprehensive Integrative and Functional Medicine Consultations customizing health care needs to each individual. All consultations are done using the modern approach of telemedicine. Dr. Patel's innovative style provides greater accessibility and convenience for her patients.

Dr. Patel finds a deep joy in sharing her passion for healthy living

through deliberate choices around thoughts, food, and daily life

while empowering others towards wellness.


'Nature never repeats herself, and the possibilities of one human soul will never be found in another'

Elizabeth Cady Stanton


Dr. Patel approaches medicine by trying to understand what is not functioning optimally in the body while taking into account the whole person, including mind, body, and lifestyle.


She attributes her inspiration for Integrative Medicine to her native roots of India and her family who exposed her early on to natural forms of healing.  Being the daughter of a prominent vascular surgeon, she was able to see first hand the benefits of modern medicine as well as have an appreciation for more non-traditional methods of healing. 

Dr. Patel has a genuine passion for using aspects of daily life to promote natural healing, such as movement, mindset, nutrition, and breath work. She has a particular passion for connecting dots for individuals who struggle to feel well and who desire to achieve optimal wellness. She has a true passion for a food-as-medicine approach to health and healing.

'My life is my message'

Mahatma Gandhi



Through her compassionate and encouraging style, Dr. Patel partners with her patients to identify the root cause of their disease, utilizing approaches from integrative medicine, nutrition, environmental health, and mind-body research. Dr. Patel has a keen interest in the art of natural healing and utilizes both traditional medicine and integrative forms of healing. She has a passion for prevention and working with patients to empower them with knowledge to maintain a state of health. 

Earth Program

Part of the program when working with Dr. Patel, involves giving back to Mother Earth at least once a month. This can be in a way that is self inspired. This Earth Program is her passion, as Dr. Patel feels the health of individuals is a reflection of the state of wellbeing of the Earth. As individuals restore harmony in living with the Earth, she feels long lasting shifts in wellbeing are possible for both humans and the earth.

What is Telemedicine?


  • Telemedicine is connecting with the physician remotely from your computer.

  • Patient and physician meet face-to-face using a private video web-based conference.

  • Telemedicine offers punctual appointments from the comfort of the patient’s home or environment of choice.

  • This approach provides flexibility when traveling and maximizes the patient’s personal time.

  • This is an ideal platform for education that allows screen share to review labs in detail, as well as pertinent medical research, diagrams, and literature.


  • Food-Based Solutions

  • Life-style Optimization

  • Mind-Body Programs

  • Nutraceutical Guidance



Initial Visit
  • Varies from 75 min - 90 min in-depth evaluation to identify the underlying cause of symptoms  
  • Assessment of mind, body, and lifestyle factors
  • Customized health plan based on individual needs
Follow-up Visit
  • Varies from 45min - 90min
  • Review and education of specialized lab tests
  • Personalized lifestyle and nutrient supplementation protocol
90 min........$650
75 min........$500
60 min........$400
45 min........$350
  • Currently accepting new patients ages 21 and older ​
  • The practice does not participate with billing insurance
  • Patients must be a Florida resident


"Reshma Patel is an outstanding doctor, point blank. She has been my doctor for several years
now and has proven herself to be thorough, precise and a detective worthy of Sherlock Holmes.
She coordinates all my care, often speaking to my other doctors in their various specialties.
I  could not imagine having a better advocate. She directs whatever tests I may need and
evaluates the results in a timely manner. I would highly recommend this marvelous doctor to
anyone seeking great care, in both the traditional western model as well as various integrative
and alternative approaches. She is also a wonderful person!"
- J.K.
"I am blessed to have Reshma Patel as my physician. She consistently takes the time to really
understand my needs, incorporating the physical along with the mind, heart and spirit, thus treating
my entire being with respect, compassion and dignity. She is kind, compassionate and resourceful,
never giving up until she figures out the issues along with an individualized healing plan. Her ability
to get results with sensitive and complex cases, like me, is astounding! She is a true advocate and
partner in my healing process, along with being an outstanding human being."
- B.K.



Serving patients in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida.

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